Mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma) Gandhi
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869 in Porbander, Gujarat. He was born the youngest of five children. In his early childhood, Mahatma was thought to be a mischievous, but was actually an extremely shy child. Mahatma was considered an anti-socialist. He would not whisper a word to any of his classmates and ran home as soon as the school day ended. As Mahatma grew older he became more influenced of what was going on around him. He picked up the habit of smoking cigarettes from his older brother and compelled himself to eat meat, which was totally forbidden according to his country's religion. Mahatma began having second thoughts over a certain period of time. He quit smoking due to the thought that cigarettes tasted horrible and his meat-eating habit became unbearable. Mahatma could no longer withstand the confusion and pressure he was going through. Mahatma confessed all his evil doings in front of his father's face and would never seem to forget that experience.

Mahatma married at the age of 13 to the daughter of the Mayor of Porbander, Kastur. He took non-violence lessons from his wife and learned to set rules in the household, but as timed passed Mahatma established rules that even his wife could not tolerate. Mahatma never realized his mistakes until one night when his wife finally spoke out "Who is senior in this house? Are you superior to your mother? Should I tell her that I will not go out with her until you give me permission?" After listening to these words, Mahatma remained silent and never put questions on his wife again.

Although Mahatma's family lived humbly for awhile, after the death of his father, Mahatma's family became in great financial need. At that time, Britain had intruded India so effectively that it was nearly impossible for poor families to find decent jobs. Seeing that his older brothers were not educated enough as to be "qualified" to receive a decent job from Britain, Mahatma took interests in the law and was allowed to travel to England.

He received his education on law in London. As a determined adolescent, Mahatma returned to Bombay, India in attempt to organize a law practice in 1891. This resulted in very little success, but soon an Indian firm in South Africa summoned Mahatma and there, Mahatma was advised into office in Durban. Mohandas continued on his quest to fight for the rights of the Indian people.



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