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I found this website building business to be rather more difficult than I expected. By the same token, my Seevak work has also been infinitely more rewarding than I expected. Having a chance to research the subject, baseball's color barrier, and the man, Jackie Robinson, was a great opportunity. As a lifelong baseball fan, the chance to write about one of our national pastime's pioneers in the context of human rights contributions seemed like a great idea.

Working with two intelligent and dedicated people like Rob and Meg, who are also two close friends, made the project seem more like fun than work. And the valuable of assistance of Mr. Gwiazda, Libby, Julia, and Jonathan made my ideas flow seamlessly from mind to computer.

My experience with the Seevak Competition has been wholly positive, and I intend to continue practicing some of the valuable skills I have learned during the course of the website building next year during college. I would further encourage any underclassmen to think seriously about participating in Seevak because it has been, for me, time well spent.