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I´ve had an interesting time doing this web site. Jackie Robinson is one of my personal heroes, so it is very important to me that people realize how great his impact really was and still is. I hope this site is able to accomplish that. Well, enough about this project, let´s talk about me. Hey, this is after all a personal biography. I´m a product of the mean streets of Westie. I´ve lived in Boston my whole life and am graduating from Boston Latin pretty soon. I´m going to Boston College in the fall. I´m a Boston man. I live and die for the Red Sox, so I´ve already died a few times! I really am still unsure of my future plans beyond college. The only thing I know is that I want to do something to help people. I know that is not very specific, but that´s my only true job description. I hope to travel around the world too. I am a Boston man at heart, but I really want to see the rest of the world. I hope the Red Sox win the World Series within my lifetime. I really think they will. The key to a great baseball dynasty is a consistently solid farm system. I just wanted to let everyone know that, especially Dan Duquette, but I think he already knows that anyway. If I could have one wish, I would ask for an end to hatred of one another. We are all human beings. Sometimes I just don't understand how people can have so much prejudice against their fellow man. I think that an end to prejudice would also mean an end to war and violence and all that awful stuff. This site is dedicated to a man who believed as I did and took steps to make my wish come true. Finally, I just want to thank Tim and Meg for being such great players. They are such hard workers and are great friends. I hope everyone enjoys the site!! Bye!!