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She is hip and stylish - Andrea Alessi has spunk. This "artistic, athletic, Argonaut" (you donÍt know how long it took us to come up with that) can often be found stressing ( cough, cough) over Seevak and Argo deadlines in the Maclab. She spits out jaw dropping pieces of artwork constantly, winning awards left and right. Other than art, Andrea coaches gymnastics and is involved in numerous Jewish youth activities. If the alliterated name does not ring a bell, you must have seen Andrea Alessi flying through the air as a Boston Latin School cheerleader. Andrea has style, charm, and brains. Next year she plans to attend the University of Pennsylvania. Be on the look out for her photography in the National Geographic magazines of the future. "Drea," as she is often called, is a sure star, and a stellar Seevak partner.