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I think talking about myself is not an easily accomplished task. Yes, I do live with myself all the time and I do think about things all the time, but do those aspects of my life really define who I am as a person? I guess they do but who knows. For those of you who donÍt me IÍll run through the general information. Right now IÍm a senior at Boston Latin School on the verge of talking the leap off the cliff into the real world, even though college seems to be an extended high school for privileged kids. I play some sports. I guess IÍd be called a jock, but the sports I play, soccer, basketball and tennis, arenÍt really jock sports. IÍm on the editorial board for the literary magazine for my high school. That pretty much covers it for the basics. I have a brother who blazed a trail for me through school. It makes things much easier for me, which is nice. My parents are both teachers and since day one of my existence have been teaching me and supporting me in whatever I do. In terms of what to do when I grow up or dreams and aspirations, I donÍt know. I think being a college professor someday would be cool. The old recluse who scurries back to his office after droning on about some ancient, Asiatic tribal shifts for the past hour in a drawn out lecture seems like a life I could take to liking. Really, teaching others about a subject that I love would be great. Also, having people call me Dr. McCormick would rule. Just say it once out loud, music to the ears. Concerning the Seevak project, I had a wonderful time and can truly say that it was one of the most educational and enjoyable projects that I ever worked on in my high school career. Learning about Lenny and all his wonderful accomplishments inspired me and made me feel postively about society. There are good people out there, that are rarely heard from, and they do wonderful things every day. In LennyÍs case, the story ended tragically and too soon. However, his message stays with us and his light will always inspire us. In addition to learning about such a great man, I had the chance to learn web design. I think this ability will be a valuable tool in the future and IÍm glad that I had the chance to learn about it. I had a great time and hopefully will continue to have a great time in the future.