Interview with Maurice Vanderpol

When Maurice Vanderpol received a solicitation to donate money to the Wang Center of Boston to help uphold the tradition of the reknown theater, he almost threw out the letter. However, after some thought, Vanderpol thought of a way to provide a connection between the Wang Theater of Boston and one man who has deserved long-overdue recognition. By establishing an endowment fund for Young at Arts with the President of the Wang Center, Joseph Spaulding, to honor the spirit of Walter Suskind, Vanderpol was able to help bring Suskind's story more in to the limelight while contributing to Suskind's idea of "saving the children." We interviewed Vanderpol, a dynamic survivor of the Holocaust, to find more information and learn about his own personal views on Walter Suskind. Here are a few questions that we asked Mr.Vanderpol along with his responses:

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