Walter Suskind

From the very moment it was conceived, the Holocaust has echoed stories of unbelievable horror and unbearable cruelty.

But standing tall in the midst of the Holocaust's ghosts are men and women who fought against unimaginable adversity; finding and manipulating the weaknesses of the Nazis to save others. One man in particular who schemed against the Nazis while pretending to be a pawn in their own game, is an unsung hero by the name of Walter Suskind.

Walter Suskind was the playwright, director and actor of an operation that deceived the Nazis until the end of World War II. Suskind's mission: to prevent as many children and adults from being deported to concentration camps, where they would undeniably meet their deaths. In the end, Walter Suskind saved over 1200 children by slipping them to members of the Dutch Resistance. Unfortunately, despite all his heroic scheming and actions, Suskind could not even prevent his own deportation or that of his three-year-old daughter.


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