On Eleanor:

Who says you can't be defined by what people say about you?


A new force appeared in the world. . .a woman who accepted a personal responsibility for her country and her time–a citizen who took self government personally and seriously and would not rest until she had done what she felt she had to do." -Archibald Macleish, American poet (Eleanor55)

"Her great contribution was her persistence in carrying into practice her deep belief in liberty and equality. She would not accept that anyone should suffer–because they were women, or children, or foreign, or poor, or stateless refugees. Jean Monnet (13)

"To the end of her life, her own 'very miserable childhood,' her wanting to be loved, especially by her father, gave her a profound sense of kinship with all lonely, deprived, and excluded youngsters." -Joseph P. Lash (19)

"She did not believe that there was any job, in any phase of life, that a woman could not do as well as, or better than, any man." -Elliot Roosevelt (58).

"No woman has done more for this country and for women in particular than my mother." -James Roosevelt (72)

"Eleanor Roosevelt changed forever the role of political wifes in the Unite States." -Helen Jackson (77)

"She was the most famous woman of her time. But even that description hardly begins to encompass the extent of the affection and admiration that she stirred throughout the world." -The New York Herald Tribune (87)

"Just before Pearl Harbor, when Mrs. Roosevelt invited me to come to Washington to help in the Office of Civilian Defense, she was under terrible attacks from many sides. I have never forgotten how she met friend and foe alike, apparently unperturbed by what people had said or done to her personally." -Justine Wise Polier (93)

"Mrs. Roosevelt bring to the Commission [on Human Rights] dignity, patience, prestige, breadth of understanding, genuine zest for the fundamental freedoms, and a revered name that is now historically associated throughout the world with the cause of human rights." -Charles Malik. president of UN Economic and Social Council (98)

"Mrs. Roosevelt was one of the great human beings of our time. She stood for peace and international understanding not only as intellectual propositions but as a way of life." -Henry Kissinger (100)

"In her last years, no man laughed at her. All men saw in her the very, finest that exists in the American grain: sometimes right, sometimes mistaken, sometimes confused, but full of courage and vitality to the last." -Robert Wallac, Journalist (106)

Quotes courtesy of Eleanor Roosevelt, Karen McAuley, Chelsea House Publishers, NY, 1987.



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