Hillary Clinton

-Hillary reaching out to the people of the Balkans

Eleanor Roosevelt was one of the first First Ladies who used that position to better society. Following in her lead, Hillary Clinton has traveled the world trying to improve it. Not only did Eleanor open the door for women like Hillary to be more than just the woman behind the man, but she also directly influenced Hillary. As Hillary said, Eleanor has a left a “legacy as a person, as a leader, as someone who in her own way makes human rights part of our everyday experience and vocabulary, how she can help today to continue to guide us in protecting the human rights of all people, and in particular, of our children” (http://www.ervk.org/HRclecture.html). Eleanor influenced Hillary so much that Hillary talks to her when she is trying to sort out problems. She finds that Eleanor “has proved to be a very great source of strength and inspiration.”2 Furthermore, Hillary lauds Eleanor saying, “wheverver I go as First Lady, I am always reminded of one thing: that usually Eleanor Roosevelt has been there before. I have been to farms in Iowa, factories in Michigan, and welfare offices in New York where Mrs. Roosevelt paid a visit more than half-century ago. When I went to Pakistan and India I discovered that Eleanor Roosevelt had been there in 1952, and had written a book about her experiences”3


2, 3: click here for Hillary's complete speech: http://www.ervk.org/HRClecture.html



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