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Rob Willison

If you don't see Rob Willison sauntering through Harvard Yard on his way to Government class, you can probably find him volunteering his time teaching kids through one of the several community sports organizations he has been participating in since he was one of those kids himself. In fact, his group chose their project topic in great part because of how much Rob values his experiences in Jim Smith's programs: "First of all, that's where I learned to play tennis . . . basically we were using only primary sources [in our research], and since I knew most of the primary sources, that worked out . . . and even before I knew about the Seevak projects, I wanted to do some documentation about what was going on down there." The organization is trying to become better-known and to get some publicity; to let people know about their programs and what they're accomplishing, and "I thought it might help them out . . . having a website about the organization . . . [Our website] has a lot of functional purposes- like you can find out about and how to sign up for programs." Rob also feels that he gained a great deal from the actual process of working with his teammates and with other teams, creating the projects: "What I really learned . . . was a little bit more about the people who were working in my group and the people in the other groups . . . in a sense there was a team effort, and in another sense, it was a competitive thing . . . it was hard to know how much we should be helping the other groups; where to draw the line . . . it was a learning experience working with and around other people, sharing resources."