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Meghann MaCarthy

"Just the first day, when we were thinking about who to do and when the moment clicked, and we were just like, 'Elie Wiesel' and there was a consensus: 'He's perfect." Meghann McCarthy has been spending the summer working for the BYCC as a Junior Supervisor, playing CYO Softball, and visiting colleges ("Boston College, Holy Cross, and Bowdoin are my top three."), as she psyches herself up for her senior year at Boston Latin School. When the Fall rolls around, she plans to play Varsity Softball and work "behind the scenes" with the Drama Club. Although she feels that the project really stemmed from interests she already had, versus leading her to develop new ones ("I was initially interested in Elie Wiesel since the eighth grade when we read Night . . . I was really interested in the Holocaust before then."); in terms of gaining a new perspective, however, she feels that "a little bit of reading deeper into the Holocaust; of writing, kind of makes you think a lot more- about life." The aspect that made the strongest impression on her was, "probably the fact that the Holocaust was happening and nobody was really doing anything about it . . . even the United States was hesitant to get involved . . . people were motivates for political, rather than humanitarian reasons." She also sees effects of her experiences with the project in her daily life, "with the little things . . . you see something happening and you may not be involved- but indirectly . . . and if you don't say anything, you're at fault . . . [you develop] a tendency to mention them and put a stop to it."