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Jonah Goldstein

"I like creating web sites and I like design and I like challenging myself- whenever I hear about a contest, I like to get involved . . . We got together and got excited about the actual topic . . . It was a lot of fun and the people [in charge of the contest] were so nice . . . it was a nice environment to be in." In fact, Jonah Goldstein, has come back for more this summer- he is "integrating humanities and technology in designing and building this student environment on the internet"- the Facing History/BLS web page. "Besides that, I'm break-dancing, swing-dancing, playing ball with my boys . . . " This Fall, he will be a freshman in the Honors program at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst: "They have me down as a Computer Science major, but I'm not sure if I want to do that. I'm into computers, but I'm [also] into art- I'm into everything. Luckily, they have a program where you can create your own major, so I might do that- combining computers and art and physics, and maybe architecture." Jonah took away some strong impressions from his experiences creating the project. "I definitely learned some stuff technically- in terms of video; multimedia stuff that I hadn't worked with before; special effects with video . . . enhancing sound quality; stuff like that . . . The reason why I jumped into it, well, the way I heard about it was that Rob is so involved in the program over there. At first I was so excited about it because it posed a lot of options design-wise . . . but Sportsman's is just a really good community . . . all the kids are so nice- we talked to all of them . . . We gave Sportsman's the web site to use as theirs because it has so much information on how to sign up; how to get involved." He and the other members of the group were really inspired by the program itself; "as idealistic [as it may be], it was created . . . to be for anybody, to come down and play tennis . . . multicultural . . . it's just a great environment." In terms of how it effected his outlook, "I give a lot more respect to community centers and the people who run them and put in all that time and energy for the kids- and for that matter, teachers too- anyone who doesn't necessarily make a lot of money, but who's just in it for the sake of the kids."