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John Baker

"I remember Mr. Idzik being the craziest teacher I ever had . . . but also the most exciting person. The way he taught the class was very unique . . . I'm not going to forget him for awhile." John Baker, who will be Drama Club President, continuing classes through the Museum of Fine Art's Scholarship Arts Program, and playing clarinet with Senior Concert Band as s Boston Latin Senior this Fall, felt he gained a great deal from taking the Facing History class this past year. He initially got into the class because of "my interest in Holocaust material, but I think I got a lot more out of it than I expected . . . the class just taught me a lot more about what happens around us and how things occur . . . because of learning all these things, I'm different . . . I've changed, I mean it hasn't totally changed my life, but I've changed a little . . . It was so great because the class was set up as a forum and that's what I got out of the class most, the chance to hold up my views and participate more and stuff." Doing the project for him was, "an overall really great experience . . . learning technology and researching at the same time . . . going into [that] was what I hoped to get out of it, but I think I got a lot more- in depth- out of it." Based on what he learned in Facing History, while researching Elie Wiesel, "I wasn't completely surprised reading and learning about it . . . what sticks out in my mind was his, Elie Wiesel's foundation and the way he wants to reach out to young people and prevent things such as the Holocaust, genocides, from happening again."