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Erin Rabe

As an Assistant Leader this summer with the Food Project, Erin Rabe heads up a team of ten young people, growing organic food at the Project's farm in Lincoln and several food lots in Roxbury; distributing the food to six different homeless shelters and food pantries in Boston; and even volunteering to serve at the shelters and pantries one night a week. She is hoping to stay busy and become quite involved in a variety of programs at Carnegie Mellon University, where she will be a freshman Computer Science major in the Fall. "I want to go down and see what they have . . . maybe some design or layout . . . intramural sports . . . probably some sort of cultural organization, too, because I was involved with a few in high school." Thinking about her group's project, "I would say it was interesting how the three people in our group combined our skills; one person knew a lot about Eleanor Roosevelt already; one did a lot of research and was really good at English; and I know a lot of computer stuff . . . eventually they learned to do everything on the computer and I learned a lot about Eleanor Roosevelt." In terms of developing new interests as a result of working on the project, she feels that part of it was, "more just using interests that I already had . . . I was always interested in computers." However, she got a "different perspective from learning about Eleanor Roosevelt . . It just made me look and think more about the troubles women have had throughout history . . . Once, just recently, I saw some kind of add for a woman's campaign and I thought about [Eleanor Roosevelt] and how she was one of the first women to make a big change in the political [field]."