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Darielly Rodriguez

Darielly Rodriguez strongly feels that her experiences taking the Facing History and Ourselves class at Latin School, as well as participating in the Seevak FHAO Awards Project reaffirmed and strengthened her resolve to study International Relations when she heads off to New York University this fall. She plans eventually to work with disadvantaged people, hopefully in the capacity of a diplomat for the United Nations, working in Latin America. She feels that the Facing History class was a remarkable learning experience because, "[it was] such an open class . . . everybody has such great ideas and . . . gets a chance to speak out and say what they really believe." It's unlike other history classes she has taken, in which learning is based much more on memorization of the "historical facts" the teacher lectures about, and students read about in the textbooks. Looking at her project as another special kind of learning experience, she says that "I hadn't really known anything about [Caesar Chavez], and I was really glad to see that an Hispanic person had achieved all this for his community.