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Chava Kronenberg

Chava Kronenberg, who will be spending this year working with City Year in Boston, and then head off next year to Wellesley College, probably to major in Political Science and eventually become a lawyer (or write-and improve!- scripts for NBC's ER), took Facing History before she came to Latin School; as a middle-school student at the Simon Schecter Jewish Day School. She feels however, that had she taken it at Latin, she would have gained more from the program because through Facing History "in our school, [one] really gets a diverse perspective of kids in there . . . [you] get some really good ideas on racism and other issues . . . Facing History brings up some ideas that are really taboo- not spoken about," and bringing them up in ordinary conversation, "you might feel really uncomfortable. In Facing History, you're facing history; [recognizing] things are like that now and shouldn't be like that . . . you can talk about it." Researching Eleanor Roosevelt, whom she had known some about coming into the project she found to be "pretty enlightening." In particular, she learned much more about her impact as a person and her influence on society. Creating the website project got her thinking about "putting my own work into a visual medium," as opposed to just writing papers. "[It was] a way of conveying information that was totally different from sitting at a computer, typing a paper . . . [the finished project] was not just a form of learning; it had to be a form of entertainment while you were learning."