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Aparna Majmudar

"I think it's really important to realize that everyone has her own struggle to face and [the Seevak projects] really open people's minds to that." Aparna Majmudar just returned from across the Atlantic, having spent most of the summer studying Spanish at the University of Salamanca in Salamanca, Spain. She will be a freshman at Harvard this fall and hopes to major in Astronomy, row with the Freshman Crew, and "continue my creative writing in one way or another." For Aparna, the experience of the project was "a lot of learning and helping each other - all the groups worked together . . . we teased each other a lot and became better friends. At the same time, I don't think we had enough time or equipment to do exactly what we wanted." Nevertheless, working on the project "has made me more comfortable with the Internet in general and with things that I might not have approached before, and [it] has made me feel that I can really do anything" with computers and the web. Looking back on how the group's project all came together, "I was working at the Wang Center, and they had these kiosks with pamphlets about Walter Suskind. Eventually I picked one up, and that's how I got the idea to focus on him . . . It was hard to do research on him or to find out anything about him. You could make sense out of the fact in that he did all of his work in secret . . . but there must be so many people who did work like Walter Suskind, and not enough people know about these heroes of the Holocaust . . . For our site, Brian and I went to interview Maurice Vanderpool [an Holocaust survivor], and he was just an amazing person who had so much to tell and give. He really wanted us to learn from him. . . he was so amazed that we would be working on Walter Suskind and interested . . . that he was very impressed with us, and we loved that. He supported us so much, and he gave us a lot of information that we used in our site.