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Emanuella Duplessy

After only one year there, Emanuella Duplessy has made herself a vital presence on the campus of George Washington University. She is the Communications Officer for the Black People's Union and the editor of "The Voice," its newsletter. She is one of six GW students specially chosen to plan the Multicultural Intercollegiate Career Conference, which will take place at GW over the Martin Luther King Day weekend in 2000. In the future, she hopes to pursue both of the career paths that interest her: first to become an educator, then to work her way through law school and into politics. This fall Emanuella plans to intern for Senator Ted Kennedy (MA-D). "I promised myself I'd be on Capital Hill by the time I was twenty." She got the idea to focus her project on Reggie Lewis after having been a peer coordinator at a Center named for him. There she had the opportunity to meet his wife and to talk about him with several individuals who had known him well. "When I actually did the research . . . and talked in depth to those people, I realized how much he actually did . . . He was really philanthropic . . . - I never knew that [Team Harmony] was connected to Reggie Lewis . . . I just didn't realize the enormity of it all." Describing the profound and lasting impressions she took away from researching Reggie Lewis and seeing the projects of the other groups, "I felt like I had done nothing . . . it humbles you and inspires you . . . because there are some people who are so worse off than you . . . and it reminds you that every little bit helps . . . the legacy of those people [researched for the Seeval FHAO Awards] reminds you that sometimes you've just got to do what you've got to do."