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2004-2005 Judging Criteria

Planning & Research (20%)                       

  • The project topic focuses on an individual who has made a significant contribution to issues of tolerance, democratic institutions, and/or human rights. The selection was thoughtful and allowed the team to make a strong case.
  • There is evidence of solid research from a variety of sources: print materials, the Internet, photography, video, interviews and other primary sources where applicable, etc. Sources are cited so that there is a clear indication of where outside ideas and materials came from.
  • Students have shown initiative and creativity in pursuing their research.
  • Careful planning is evident in the structure of the project. There is a clear logic and organization to the information that is being offered. The team made effective use of the non-linear possibilities in website design: they just didn't create the equivalent of a traditional, linear paper with images; instead they offer the visitor multiple pathways and links to other information sources.

Content and Writing (20%)           

  • The project is rich in information and has solid content and depth. It makes a case. It is not simply a potpourri of shallow parts, a rehash of mixed sources. In documenting the impact that their subject had, the team has clearly defined the problem that he or she confronted. Rather than just being a narrative, the project analyzes, evaluates, and interprets.
  • The quantity, as well as the quality of original writing is appropriate for the complexity and depth that the project is seeking to achieve. The writing is of high quality; clear, and concise. It may vary in formality to suit different parts of the project, but it maintains a high standard without patterns of error.  The project has been clearly proofread.

Technology/Multimedia (20%)                       

  • Design elements and non-print information (pictures, video and audio clips) engage the visitor, enhance interest in the project, inform, and relate to the key themes and issues. They are not disconnected pieces or distractions but rather powerful additions. Color, fonts, images, video and audio clips, and overall page design and layout are effective and engaging.
  • The project has good navigational tools; it is easy to move in different ways through its parts without getting lost or encountering dead ends. From its deepest parts, it is easy to get back to the main menu and submenus.

Project Presentation (20%)           

The presentation is a team effort, demonstrating that all team members played a role in the conception, creation, and execution of the site.   The presentation gives a good overall sense of the project's structure and intent, the team's process in creating it, and an assessment of the experience.   The presentation stays within the time allotted to each team.

Overall Impression of the Project's Quality, Creativity, and Sophistication (20%)