Make deadlines! If you can't make one for any reason, please come see Ms. Freeman, or your faculty adviser, or your technology adviser, or Julie Ng or Katarina Yee. Don't avoid us! In order to have all these projects finished on time, we need to have strict deadlines, but we don't want to lose hardworking teams. Check in if you having problems with a deadline; don't hesitate.

All deadlines are listed on Appendix A of this booklet. Read through them carefully; you are obliged to meet all of them. You are responsible for knowing them. They are established so that the last few weeks of this project doesn't turn into a nightmarish series of all-nighters.

Ms. Freeman reserves the right to disqualify any team that is missing deadlines without any communication.

Posted by Julie on May 17, 2007 02:27 AM |