The following commentary on this denier site was created by students, who raise a series of questions about the use of evidence and the claims of proof. The questions are just a starting point in critically assessing the site. Take a look:

The Adelaide Institute is an organization whose mission is to claim that the Holocaust never occurred. As you read through it, pay close attention to the manner in which they portray themselves and how they present their views. Take note of the kind of language they use to support their viewpoint. Are their contradictions within their arguments? Do they support what they claim? If it seems they do, do they acknowledge other information from organizations that refute them? The first part of their website, About Us describes who they are and what they stand for.

Adelaide states that they are looking at the allegation that four million people were killed at Auschwitz, but no reputable historian claims that four million were killed at Auschwitz. The figure is most often quoted as around 1 to 1.5 million. Without that new information would you have still believed the Adelaide Institute? Do they portray themselves as victims? How about vigilantes?

They state that they are worried about the fact that it has been impossible to reconstruct a homicidal gas chamber and that the Holocaust Museum can not bring one across from Europe because there are none available. Do you think that you have all the information necessary to form an opinion? Do you have to have physical evidence to prove that something occurred? What the Institute does not tell the reader is that when the Nazi officials were forced to concede that they would have to surrender they began dismantling or distroying the gas chambers. Currently no gas chamber in its original form exists. There are many ways in which Holocaust revisionist organizations mis-represent the facts, and there are not always people available to give you additional information. So be skeptical of all information and where their questions are coming from.

The Institute then introduces an excerpt from David Brockschmidt's opinion on Helen Demidenko-Darville's book The Hand That Signed The Paper. In this comment Brockschmidt points out that two of Stalin's henchmen were Jewish and that they were mass murderers. What is he implying through introducing this information, particularly with the comment that "This historical fact clearly shows that Jews are not always victims in history, but also murderers." Do you think you can villify all the members of a religion based on the acts of two people? Do you think that they are using this information to excuse the motives for the Holocaust? Do you think that Australia's mass media is deliberatly hiding this fact from the general public as the Institute suggests? What reason would they have to do this? Do you think the Institute is trying to implicate the Australian media in some kind of conspiracy to hide the "truth"? (Remember the Dark Side of the Force, in the Introductory Lesson?)

The Institute identifies three points, on which they claim historians base the Holocaust as fact. They then ask for proof to back up those claims. Flip the coin and think about the "proof" they use to support their claim that the Holocaust never happened. Do you think they have provided adequate proof to convince you, or even make you consider the possibility that there was no plan of annihilation against the Jewish people?