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Posted February 07, 2006 in Anti-Semitism
Comments by Father Charles E. Coughlin, The “Radio Priest,” 1930s-1940s

"I believe that when a banker speaks, you can go the opposite way and be right. That has been proved in recent years."
-- March 6, 1934

"While we sympathize with the Serbian or the Russian, with the Jew in Germany or the Christian in Russia, the major portion of our sympathy is extended to our dispossessed farmer, our disconsolate laborers who are being crushed at this moment while the spirit of internationalism runs rampant in the corridors of the Capitol, hoping to participate in setting the world aright while chaos clamors at our doors."
-- January 28, 1935

"Roosevelt has a poor brand of Russian communism ... I think it is significant the leaders among the communists of the world never once attacked international bankers. Roosevelt will not touch that subject."
-- August 31, 1935

"If Jews persist in supporting communism directly or indirectly, that will be regrettable. By their failure to use the press, the radio and the banking house, where they stand so prominently, to fight communism as vigorously as they fight Naziism, the Jews invite the charge of being supporters of communism."
-- November 28, 1938

"From European entanglements, from Nazism, communism and their future wars, America must stand aloof. Keep America safe for Americans and the Stars and Stripes the defender of God."
-- January 2, 1939

"Must the entire world go to war for 600,000 Jews in Germany who are neither American, nor French, nor English citizens, but citizens of Germany?"
-- January 30, 1939

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