Seevak Human Rights and Social Justice Summer Fellowship

Seevak Fellowship

On some positions, cowardice asks the question, 'Is it expedient?' And then expedience comes along and asks the question, 'Is it politic?' Vanity asks the question, 'Is it popular?' Conscience asks the question, 'Is it right?' There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must do it because conscience tells him it is right.

— Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Fund for the Public Interest

This placement is with The Fund for the Public Interest - a national, non-profit organization that runs campaigns for America’s leading environmental and public interest organizations. The Fund works alongside a variety of environmental organizations including Environment America, U.S. PIRG, and Environmental Action, as well as with Fair Share. They work on a wide range of campaigns, including reducing global warming pollution, getting big money out of politics, protecting public health by keeping our antibiotics safe and effective, and investing in early childhood education.

The Fund was launched in 1982 to help find ways to engage people on the most pressing problems of our day and turn that support into solutions. They now run the nation’s largest and most effective canvassing and telephone membership operation. Their canvassers and callers talk to people one-on-one and through those interactions help make thousands, sometimes millions of people’s voices heard, through petitions, emails, small donations and meetings. That’s people power, and that’s what it takes to make a difference for the environment, for our democracy, and more.

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Proposed responsibilities include:

  • Assisting campaign directors to develop and manage campaign actions
  • Researching potential new campaigns
  • Reaching out to Massachusetts legislators and their staff
  • Preparing for legislative hearings
  • Education outreach to voters
  • Canvassing voters
  • Other responsibilities as agreed upon with your mentor