the present

Thinking critically, debating ethical choices, and being deeply engaged in learning — these outcomes for students are central to Mr. Seevak’s vision for Boston Latin School’s collaboration with Facing History, partly because Mr. Seevak's own experience as a student at BLS was very different. In our age of sound bites and media hype, there is a dire need for students to be skeptical learners, questioners, and researchers. Mr. Seevak has sat in on classes and presentations and seen students respond to challenging speakers, such as the South African human-rights judge Richard Goldstone and Rena Fender, who survived the Holocaust on Schindler's list. When asked how a Facing History Elective might have effected him in his teens, Mr. Seevak said he thinks that it would have encouraged him to be more aware and involved as a young man than he and his peers were. In looking back on his own life in the 1950’s and 1960’s, Mr. Seevak has said that he wishes that he had focused more attention on the Civil Rights Movement, as people struggled to change American society.

Mr. and Mrs. Seevak continue to pursue their interests in Facing History and Ourselves beyond Boston Latin School. Elinor Seevak is now a member of the National Board of Facing History. Mr. Seevak has helped Facing History and Ourselves develop a new website with an electronic campus and upcoming institutes and programs.

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