Mr. Seevak also initiated the idea and supported the development of this website. (For more information about the making of learntoquestion.com, see who we are.) Mr. Seevak’s wants learntoquestion.com to always be at the cutting edge of technological design, to be a vehicle for BLS students to communicate with fellow students throughout the world, and to be a dynamic teaching laboratory that is fully integrated with the FHAO course. He would like learntoquestion.com to be as embedded and engrained an institution at the school as the student newspaper or literary magazine.

At the core of the collaboration between the school and Facing History that Mr. Seevak has fostered, there is a fundamental desire to engage students, to encourage them to think independently and to become involved in the struggle for democratic institutions, human rights, and tolerance. Mr. Seevak was recently moved by the message of John Lewis, a Civil Rights veteran from the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Mr. Lewis spoke at a Facing History event recently and told of his own experiences without bitterness. Mr. Lewis pointed out to his audience that, in life, one often has to "get in the way" to do something valuable.

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