boston latin school and facing history

A strong and committed supporter of his alma mater, Mr. Seevak approached Boston Latin with the idea of developing a Facing History and Ourselves program at the school. After several years of planning and piloting, a year-long FHAO course evolved (which is one of the most popular senior and junior electives at the school), and Mr. Seevak endowed a Facing History and Ourselves Chair in the school's History Department to support a full-time Facing History teacher. As an additional part of this FHAO program, BLS teachers have the opportunity to take part in FHAO summer institutes, and BLS classes have access to FHAO speakers, videos, and teaching materials.

In addition to the FHAO Chair and elective, Mr. Seevak sponsors a student scholarship competition in 1998, in which teams of three BLS students research, design, and build websites that examine individuals who have made major contributions to human rights, tolerance, and/or democratic institutions. (To view these sites, go to the Virtual Classroom).

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