discovery of fhao

In 1993 Mr. Seevak first heard of Facing History and Ourselves through a colleague at Goldman Sachs. Throughout his adult life, Mr. Seevak has been involved with and supported many non-profit organizations and charities, but he said that Facing History and Ourselves "struck a chord." He was taken with the Facing History theme that sustaining democracy and fighting injustice and intolerance rests on a foundation of historical knowledge, ethical choices, and personal engagement. He was also taken with the FHAO curricula and teaching strategies that focus on the roots and consequences of hate, genocide, racism, and anti-Semitism, while at the same time showing students how important it is for them to think independently and to participate actively in their communities and in the political process. As he learned more about the Facing History organization, he was impressed by the enthusiasm, morale, and effectiveness of the people at Facing History.

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