from "ME" in the December 1995 Argo

". . . Perhaps I am being too harsh in saying that Clinton is only pulling this stunt to ensure re-election, but I don't see any other logical reason. Of course I recognize the fact that a civil war is indeed a horrific plague; but who helped us when we went through our own Civil War? I don't intend to come off as the patriotic zealot who doesn't recognize foreign distress, but I am sick and tired of witnessing U.S. involvement, be it monetary or U.S. troops, in exotic hot beds, when we could be using the money and manpower to restructure archaic, unworkable social programs and deficit reduction. Misquoting the popular cliche, I feel that we, as a country, must help ourselves before we can help each other . . ." -Matthew O'Malley, Class of 1997.