from "Dreams of the Future" by Edward C. Dullea, Class of 1919 in the 1919 Register

"Some of the crowd, while waiting for the hall to be opened amused themselves with watching the gigantic airplanes unload three offour thousand passengers at a time on the roof of the Hotel International . . . Newsboys were darting to and fro among the crowd, supplying eager customers with copies of the 'World Ideal,' the only paper now printed in the great city New York, the home to thirty millions of people. Once the head line of the front page was glimpsed, all else was forgotten,even the whirring monsters of the air. Across the front page in flaming red letters was the announcement, 'Universal Brotherhood of Man assembles at World Opera House to hear the long awaited for discovery of eternal life.' . . . In less time than one would think possible, the monstrous crowd was seated awaiting the opening words of the chairman. Pending the commencement of the meeting, the audience was kept in good humor by the showing of moving pictures of the World War of 1914 and of the May Day riots of 1963. It was a strange assembly of men that met the eye of the observer on that memorable night. From the assembled men came a low murmer, as they talked to each other They were all well-dressed and prosperous-looking, although they were only laborers or mechanics, the result of the triumpf of Communism all over the world. They feared no capitalism or rule, for they themselves were the capitalists and rulers of the world . . . "