"Editorial," from the 1922 Register:

"Things aren't what they used to be. Once the sea voyager was under constant peril of his life what with pirates, and storms, and leaky ships. Yet this was the spice of life; excitement, thrill, the wonderful feeling that one had when he realized that a few planks were between him and Davy Jones' locker. Now he steps aboard a floating, gigantic palace, of every possible comfort and protection, assured of a pleasant voyage. Likewise has the glory of the adventure gone; it has degenerated into a monotonous, sane means of locution. Yet we would not have changed it. Why, pray? Has humanity softened? Has the human race declined? Or, on the contrary, is this proof of increased civilization? Is this a token of the fact that the mind and not the body will be more and more the great factor? What will happen when the limit is reached? What will there be left to stimulate the brain's activities? Will we get into a beaten track, so that we shall be forced to invent excitement? It is perplexing."