from the "Class Oration 1932" by Lee Harris in the 1932 Senior Register:

"Indeed, I believe in this age of machines, in this age of large-scale production, in this age of indifference and depression, we need something different- new ideas, new hope, new inspiration, new leaders. We need some power which shall rouse our fellow-citizens from the lethargy into which they have sunk. To survive we must be different, we must change . . . But how? By socialism, by radicalism, by communism? No! Emphatically, No! What we require is a return, a reinstatement, a rebirth of those ideals and beliefs which carried our fore-fathers thrugh extremities ever so much more difficult than those facing us at present. Those precepts and qualities are manifold, and the reason that America holds her station in the world today is because she inherited and cherished them. Yet some are missing, and in times such as these are sorely needed."