From "Senior Homerooms" in the 1962 Liber Actorum

"It is the driving ambition of every oppressed underclassman to become a bonafide senior and to establish his 'home away from home' in one of the allowed chambers along the west side of the third floor. The apparent advantages of residence in these lofty outposts include a bird's eye view of the attractive nurses and technicians entering, working in, and emerging from the Lying-In Hospital . . . Naturally, certain disadvantages accompany residence in this exclusive sector. The descent to the cafeteria is long and hazardous, with ravenous masters lying in ambush to pounce upon unknowing lads who happen to step a little too quickly or to hurl a comrad over the railing. Then, with a full stomach hampering his mobility and disposition, the senior must ascend via the same arduous route . . . "