From "Subway" "as told to Mendel M. Levinson, '43" in the 1942 Latin School Register

"'It's a long subway ride from upper Manhattan to Flatbush, but after you've made the trip twice daily for a number of years, it becomes a welcome pause in the turmoil that is life in New York. This is especially true of fellows like me who work the night shift out in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and who look forward to these moments of relaxation to read the evening paper and to rest awhile. During the three years that I've been running a lathe for Uncle Sam, I've come to know most of the other regulars on the 6:30 express and the atmoshere has become more that of a businessman's club than that of a subway car. There is a natural feeling of intimacy, and it is not uncommon for two perfect strangers to stike up a conversation to while the time away. After all, it is a long ride . . . '"