"Deep Fried" by Nicole Tabolt, Class of 2002 in the Spring 1999 Register

on midway flotation to the T stop
I get a whiff of
E. Coli-burgers and
other deep fried food
my stomach growls at my negligence
Okay, I say, I'll go
As I'm enterning I remember all
the bad stuff that's in those tempting fries
and burgers
so when I meet the cashier
I go for the 'healthy choice'
large strawberry milkshake
Hey, it's got calcium
I sit down and engage myself
in slurping and daydreaming
There's been some backgraound music
for a while, but I've been too absorbed to notice
I listen now
and everyone, or at least I think everyone, stares at me
but I know what's so funny,
Burger King and Opera?