from "Girl Makes Boys' Wrestling Team" by Zoe Liou, Class of 2001 in the February 1998 Argo

"Senior Kate Massaro joined the BLS's wrestling team this year, inspired by her love for contact sports and previous experience in kickboxing . . . For our school's very first 'chick wrestler,' the idea of teamwork poses some unusual difficuties; Massaro is prohibited from representing BLS in competition. A school rule states that girls may only wrestle with other girls in competition, but they may participate in practices with their own teams. Massaro, who had to plead her case persuasively before she was allower even to join the team, has mixed feelings about Mr. Costello's rule. 'Considering that I'm only doing it [wrestling] for this year, I'm satidfied, but in the future, if a girl is good, she should be allowed to wrestle with boys. I could fight it. I'm not, but I'd encourage anyone else to. Despite her conviction . . . Massaro feels that the school's policy is not based purely on chauvanism. She conceeds that while 'girls can beat boys, and they would have a chance,' physical strength is distributed differently in the female body than in the male body . . ."