from the 1999 Argo:

Alinna Chung, Class of 1999, "I would love to say that my Latin School experience has been nothing but smiles and sunshine, but I would be lying if I did. I mean, I came in as a puny little sixie, filled with all these dreams and aspirations, and six years later, here I am , still shorter than the average sixie, but now they try to tell me that I'm not almighty! . . . In all seriousness though if nothing else, Latin school has been humbling. I think we all come here with incredibe optimism (and in some cases, incredible egos), but we all get slapped in the face by reality at some point and realize that we can't be above everyone else . . . but that's all right because you don't always have to be the best to succeed. The main objective is to reach your own goals, not surpass those of others . . ."