from "Ravings of a Victim," by Albert E. Hayes, Jr., Class of 1938 & Norman Tannenbaum, Class of 1939 in the 1937 Latin School Register

"The following rules were passed at the last teachers' meeting:
I. A student may not chew gum unless it is Wrigley's.
II. If a boy must smoke, he may do so only on the grounds of the Harvard Medical School.
III. No notes for absence need be brought in if the pupil submits a ticket stub showing that he has attended the 'Met.'
IV. All home lessons are to be prepared unless Burns and Allen, 'Al' Jolson, or 'Eddie' Cantor are on the air on a school night.
V. Talking is permitted only when it concerns today's games.
VI. Whistling is forbidden except after a Latin test when we 'got plenty of nothin.'"