from "Censure Book" by Kent Lam, Class of 1997 in the November 1995 Argo

"The years between 1930 and 1960 were, no doubt, filled with academic excellence showcasing Boston Latin School's outstanding ability in educating young men. Yet few know what really went on there aside from the academics, and few know what the 'young men' did to amuse themselves from the pre-war decades through the pre-hippie stage of America. The Censure Book, a big red book that is sixty-five years old, provides answers to fill in the blanks. It contains all the reasons for the censuring of every student who broke the rules . . . From the humorous to the shocking, here is a sampling of the crimes listed in the book: Setting fire to a desk . . . Setting off firecrackers in a classroom . . . Throwing a milk bottle down a ventilator . . . Throwing raisins around a classroom . . . Placing dangerous object on a Master's chair . . . Less interesting violations included forgery, lying, fighting, and cheating. It's nice to know that we go to school with people capable of doing anything listed above."