from "Diversity at BLS" by Oludare , Class of 1998 in the June 1998 Argo

". . . When discussing diversity and 'equal opportunity,' race is immediately associated with those terms, yet one group is consistently left out of consideration: the disabled. Diversity is not relative to race; rather, it applies to culture, a category in whih the Deaf can be classified. Although the Boston Latin School student population has virtually no representative of the culturally Deaf (with the exception of me, of course), the attitude of diversity clearly exists. The student body, especially the graduating class of 1998, has been remarkably receptive, open-minded, and enthusiastic about learning about a few aspects of deaf culture . . . The person most responsible for these activities is Boston Latin School's very own Karen Kohr, the school interpreter, a.k.a. 'that language lady. Headmaster Michael Contompasis and the Boston Latin School administration strive to provide an equal opportunity to a Boston Latin School education for all students. In my six years at BLS, no opportunity was denied to me, as a deaf person. My disability was never used as an excuse for leniency; rather, Mr. Contompasis and the teaching faculty expected me to perform at the level of my classmates. It was never a question of whether I would succeed at BLS, but rather a matter of providing the services to accommodate my needs . . . Although this account is based on one person's experience, the BLS community should be recognized for its commitment to promoting diversity and providing equal opportunity. This is the humble opinion of a grateful student- a member of the graduating class of 1998- who happens to be deaf, and Deaf (culturally).