from the May 1996 Argo:

From AIDS Quilt by Andrea Haney, Class of 1998: "Many people may think of a quilt as something you snuggle under when you're cold, those multi-colored blankets that grandma always sends, or the things you hide under when there's thunder and lightning outside. A quilt means all of those things: warmth, love, protection. But the quilt I'm referring to means closure to a lot of people; it means remembering, it means education. Education? you may say. Yes, it is a symbol and a reminder of those that have been victims of what has been referred to as the plague of the nineties- AIDS. That's right, the AIDS quilt . . . As a member of the Boston Latin School community, you may have many predecessors who have died of this disease. This is why the Gay/Straight Alliance has brought the Name's Project to our school. This year, we will make one panel for the quilt. It will be to honor all the alumni that have died of AIDS."