from "Our Role," the 1941 Latin School Register

"We return to school this year in the midst of one of the most critical moments in the history of our democracy. For the first time, in decades, we find ourselves threatened by an international menace which seeks to wipe out every vestige of freedom in the world. To meet this national emergency our country has embarked upon an unparalleled program of national defense. No efforts have been spared in preparation which must be both speedy and efficient.

In a national crisis what is the role of the high school student? How can he best serve the interests of his country? There are some who feel that the most patriotic way of serving their country is to quit school and join the army, the navy, or the air force. While this may appear to be an excellent manifestation of patrioism, it is hardly a proper course for the high school student.

We are all part of a great national enterprise maintained to train our minds, to develop our mental and physical powers to the fullest extent, and to acquire a point of view towards life. These are all aims of education, but are only means to an end- the end being the preservation of a civilization.

Accordingly, the duty of every high school student during this crisis and during any other critical period is to continue his studies with greater effort and more enthusiasm, so that in the years to come he may become a worthy citizen of our great democracy."